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Durable Professional Breeding Chicken Cage - A & H Type

Professional breeding chicken cage is an ideal choice for opening poultry farm and for the farm owners who want to renew their previous cages. It is commonly made of several kinds of wire meshes, such as galvanized wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh and welded wire mesh. It is installed with the cage accessories of crib, PVC rigid pipe, automatic nipple drinker, pressure regulator, cages shelf, etc.

Poultry cage is suitable for breeding various kinds of poultry, such as chicken, duck, rabbit and pigeon. There are two common frames of professional breeding chicken cages that we produce: A frame and H frame. You can choose the suitable type according to the space of your farm. In addition, pullet cage, layer cage, and broiler cage are available according to different types of poultry, which improves rearing and egg production efficiency.


  • A Frame
    • A-type pullet cage system.
    • A-type layer cage system.
    • A-type broiler cage system.
  • H Frame
    • H-type pullet cage system.
    • H-type layer cage system.
    • H-type broiler cage system.
One A type chicken cage is here, with 5 tiers, orange color shelf supports in the poultry farm.
PCC-01: Professional breeding chicken cage is more efficient and convenient to achieve maximum benefit.
One system chicken cage which has three tiers, with some related equipment attached for chicken breeding.
PCC-02: It can be divided into several small parts and each part is easily to be controlled.


  • Automated controlled system facilitate operations.
  • High quality manufacturing guarantees long lifespan.
  • Professional design supports more chicks.
  • Reasonable layout structure lessens the rate of egg breaking.
  • System ventilation meets the air convection condition.
  • Automatic nipple drinking system without leakage to keep the house dry and reduce the infection of disease.
  • Excellent U type design easily collect eggs.
  • Power feeding system can improve the rate of egg production.
Two water fountains with same size, made by value body, value rod and value ball.
PCC-03: Nipple water fountain is installed in each cage for chicks to drink water.
The type of the egg collection is H, with so many chickens in the cage and many eggs above on the egg collection equipment.
PCC-04: Egg collection device for avoiding eggs' drop and labor saving.

Professional breeding chicken cage is equipped with many automatic systems:

  • Feeding system: Feeding system runs automatically from the silos to feeding pans in cages, it ensures the fodders distribution uniform, and has the advantage of convenient adjustment.
  • Water supply system: low water pressure, moderate water flow, high durability, easy to clean.
  • Egg collection: International standard, U type design is easier to collect eggs, at the same time avoid the risk of eggs falling, saving more working time and labor.
  • Ventilation System: Fresh the chicken house, the main function is to make the house reach air convection and then cool the temperature.
  • Manure removal system: Make the manure easy to remove and recycle, and increase the efficiency of manure reuse.
Two white manure belts shown in picture.
PCC-05: Manure removal system for labor saving and cleanliness.
The picture shows that on the left side wall there are many big ventilation fans.
PCC-06: Ventilation fan ensures the right temperature and fresh air.


  • Material: low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, galvanization wire.
  • Surface treatment: cold galvanization, hot dip galvanization, PVC coated.
Here is an A frame layer chicken cage shelf, with three pressure regulators on it.
PCC-07: A frame layer chicken cage.
Here is two sides appearance shown to us in the chicken farm, but just the empty cages.
PCC-08: H frame layer chicken cage.

Parameter of A frame chicken cage

  • Cage system tiers: 2-5 tiers available.
  • Here are some sample specifications below.
Specification - A frame chicken cage
Item No. Tier Cage size (mm) Bird capacity Cell quantity Cell capacity
AFC-T03 3 2000 × 2600 × 2500 120 30 cells 4 birds
AFC-T04 4 2000 × 2800 × 3000 160 40 cells 4 birds
Notes: Cage making can be made according to clients' requirement.

Parameter of H frame chicken cage

  • Common tiers of H frame chicken cage: 2-8 tiers.
  • Length of the whole cage could be from 1500 mm to 2500 mm.
  • Here are some sample specifications below.
Specification - H frame chicken cage
Item No. Tier Cage size (mm) Bird capacity Cell quantity Cell capacity
HFC-T03 3 2000 × 2000 × 2900 168 24 cells 7 birds
HFC-T04 4 2000 × 2000 × 3500 224 32 cells 7 birds
HFC-T05 5 2000 × 2000 × 4000 280 40 cells 7 birds
HFC-T06 6 2000 × 2000 × 4500 336 48 cells 7 birds
Notes: Cage making can be made according to clients' requirement.

Professional breeding chicken cage is used to raise all kinds of chicken and poultry-related products. It is widely used in poultry farms for rearing poultry.


  • Shockproof packing.
  • Cage and cage frame are no package with full container loading.
  • Packed in wooden box and pallet with less container loading.
  • Or as your specific demand.

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