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Products List of Chicken Cages, Rabbit & Pigeon Cages

Here is a modern chicken coop above the lawn, with three chickens in it.

Chicken coop with various modern designs is an optimal choice for poultry feeder, for it offers sufficient protection and shelter from the elements.

One A type chicken cage is here, with 5 tiers, orange color shelf supports in the poultry farm.

Professional breeding chicken cage, with two common frames: A frame and H frame, is widely used in poultry farm for it is greatly convenient to manage.

There is a chicken in the hexagonal chicken cage whose surface is galvanized.

Hexagonal wire chicken cage is good enough to raise your poultry, with galvanized and PVC coated it is corrosion and oxidation resistance than others.

One chain link fence chicken cage with two chickens in it.

Chain link chicken cage has three common types: galvanized, PVC coated, and stainless steel chain link cage, all are normally used by breeders.

There is a galvanized welded wire chicken cage with two small chickens in it.

Welded wire chicken cage is one of the most popular poultry nets which is corrosion & rust resistance and can be used for long time.

There are some chickens raised in the extruded plastic poultry netting which has the hexagonal opening with green color.

The plastic poultry netting is divided into three types: knotted plastic netting, extruded plastic netting and oriented plastic netting.

The cage is made of wood and wire mesh, a slide ramp lays down the door and two pigeons in the cage.

Pigeon cage is widely used for pigeon raising, it is made of high quality wire mesh which has the benefit of oxidation resistance, rust resistance.

It is welded into rectangular frame, also water bottle, food feeder and removable bottom tray are included.

Rabbit cage is designed to give your pet the safety and comfort. It is made of wire mesh which is durable, oxidation resistance and rust resistance.