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Versatile and Robust Chicken Wire with Three Materials

Hexagonal wire chicken cage has the property of corrosion-resistance, oxidation-resistance and rust resistance and is mostly used as light fencing for poultry such as chickens, rabbits, pigeons, ducks and so on. The wire mesh of this chicken cage is manufactured from a thicker gauge wire than traditional wire mesh. The hexagonal opening can keep chicken comfortable with big air flowing and enable the feeding work easy for the feeder. The cage can be used in the chicken farm or backyard. Here are two types of meshes: galvanized and PVC coated.

The hexagonal wire mesh is smooth surface of the galvanized coating, with twist opening looks beautiful.
HWCC-01: With the advantages of rugged design, extremely good tensile strength, galvanized hexagonal wire mesh is widely used.
There is a chicken in the hexagonal chicken cage whose surface is galvanized.
HWCC-02: The galvanized coating hexagonal chicken cage are good corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and rust resistance and can house various poultry.
This is a PVC coated hexagonal wire mesh roll with the color of green.
HWCC-03: Hexagonal wire mesh with PVC coated effectively protects the core wire from rusting, and it can be painted any color for decorating as our customers' requirement.
This is PVC coated hexagonal chicken cage covered with the color of green also with many chickens in it.
HWCC-04: Hexagonal chicken cage with green PVC coated can blend with the environment well.
This is a piece of stainless steel wire mesh woven into continuously regular hexagonal meshes.
HWCC-05: Compared with other kind of chicken cage wire meshes, the stainless steel chicken wire has better corrosion and rust resistance.
One stainless steel wire chicken cage attached with the large run space and living nest.
HWCC-06: The stainless steel chicken cage is the most durable type in all poultry cages.


  • Corrosion-resistance, oxidation-resistance and rust-resistance.
  • Uniform mesh size, flatten and smooth surface can protect the poultry's foot well.
  • Extremely easy to handle and cut.
  • Galvanized and PVC coated guarantee longer life span.
  • Low cost.
  • Surface clean and have no dirt for rust, no broken.


  • Materials: low carbon wire, stainless steel wire.
  • Surface treatment: galvanized coated, PVC coated, galvanized coated then PVC coated, electrical or hot dipped galvanized wire.
  • Weaving methods: straight twisted, reverse twisted, double twisted strengthened.
Specification - hexagonal wire chicken cage
Type Mesh Wire diameter Mesh width limit
BWM mm
HWC-0375 3/8" 27 - 23 0.41 - 0.64 2 m, single or double edge
HWC-0500 1/2" 27 - 22 0.41 - 0.71 2 m, single or double edge
HWC-0625 5/8" 27 - 22 0.41 - 0.71 1.22 m, single or double edge
HWC-0750 3/4" 26 - 20 0.46 - 0.89 2 m, single or strong edge
HWC-1000 1" 25 - 19 0.51 - 1.07 2 m, straight or reversed twist
HWC-1250 1-1/4" 24 - 18 0.56 - 1.24 2 m, straight or reversed twist
HWC-1500 1-1/2" 23 - 16 0.64 - 1.65 2 m
HWC-2000 2" 22 - 14 0.71 - 2.11 2 m
HWC-3000 3" 21 - 15 0.81 - 2.11 2 m

Hexagonal chicken cage is commonly used to fence poultry livestock in farms or at home such as chicken, rabbit, duck, pigeon and so on.


  • Shockproof packing.
  • Cage and cage frame are no package with full container loading.
  • Packed in wooden box and pallet with less container loading.
  • Or as your specific demand.

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