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Chain Link Chicken Cage - Best Etch Proof Product

Chain link chicken cage is a type of woven fence cage which is usually divided into three types: PVC coated chain link chicken cage, galvanized chain link chicken cage and stainless steel chain link chicken cage. This kind of cage has been proved to be an attractive chain link fence to raise poultry not only the chickens but the other small animals for the various advantages of the cage - corrosion resistance, impact resistance, stable enough to raise your animals.

The surface is galvanized treated with the sliver white color that looks beautiful.
CLCC-01: It has excellent corrosion resistance and smooth surface that are widely used to make chicken cage.
One chain link fence chicken cage with two chickens in it.
CLCC-02: Galvanized chain link cage is long time used and easy to install, also chickens can enjoy a comfortable environment.
A piece of chain link fence is PVC coated, the color is green.
CLCC-03: PVC coated chain link fence have many colors with decorative and antiseptic features in harmony with the environment.
This picture is a PVC coated chain link fence with a chicken in it.
CLCC-04: PVC coated chain link cage offers more excellent corrosion resistance, it is firm, durable and possesses good insulating properties.
A pile of stainless steel chain link fence roll shown to us in the picture.
CLCC-05: Stainless steel chain link fence is more expensive than others, but it is long lasting than galvanized and PVC coated with beautiful appearance.
One chain link fence made by stainless steel wire mesh with three gooses in it.
CLCC-06: Stainless steel chain link chicken cage is the most durable cage compared with galvanized chain link fence and PVC coated chain link fence chicken cage.


  • Effectively containing chickens, rabbits, pigeons and other poultry.
  • Maximum return for your investment in cage.
  • Anti-corrosion, anti-impact, official protection.
  • Longer lifespan.
  • Different specifications can be customized.


  • Materials: galvanized wire, stainless steel wire, any color of PVC coated wire, aluminum alloy wire.
  • Weaving: link and weaving, the weaving is simple, artistic and practical.
  • Surface treatment: galvanized and PVC coated, spray PVC.
Specification - chain link wire mesh
Type Opening (inch) Opening (mm) Wire diameter (mm) Length of the roll (m) Width of the roll (m)
CLWM-01 1" 25 1.2 - 2.4
18# - 13#
0.50 - 100 (or more) 0.5 - 5.0
CLWM-02 1.5" 40
CLWM-03 2" 50 1.6 - 4.2
16# - 8#
CLWM-04 2-1/4" 57
CLWM-05 2-3/8" 60
CLWM-06 2-1/2" 64
CLWM-07 2-5/8" 67
CLWM-08 3" 75 2.00 - 5.00
18# - 7#
CLWM-09 4" 100
Note: Materials and specifications can be made according to customers' detailed requirements.

Chain link chicken cage is used to raise all kinds of chickens and poultry related products. It is widely used in poultry farms for rearing poultry.


  • Roof packing.
  • Cage and cage frame are no package with full container loading.
  • Packed in wooden box and pallet with less container loading.
  • Or as your specific demand.

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