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Great Poultry Cages Supplier in the World Wide

Established in 2001, Worthyt company has been the powerful production of chicken cage leader. We are committed to manufacture world-class poultry netting such as chicken coop, professional breeding chicken cage, hexagonal wire, chain link chicken cage, welded wire chicken cage and plastic poultry netting, further more, the pigeon and rabbit cage which have been proven to be the competitive products and owned famous reputation.

The reason why you choose our product.
Our poultry netting consists of superior quality wire mesh and each of them has its own outstanding advantages. The chicken cage is mainly made from low carbon wire, stainless steel wire treated with PVC and zinc coated. What's more the cages have features of durability and long lifespan, it is an ideal option for those who wants to possess it.

The features of each kind of wire mesh.

The hexagonal wire mesh
The straight twisted, reverse twisted and double twisted strengthened weaving methods improve longer use life. Galvanized and PVC coated surface treatment make it have the features of corrosion, oxidation and rust resistance. It is easy to handle and cut, the cost is reasonable as well.

The hexagonal wire mesh is smooth surface of the galvanized coating, with twist opening looks beautiful.

The chain link wire mesh
This kind of wire mesh can be made as the poultry fence to contain not only chickens but the rabbits, pigeons and other poultry efficiently. The specifications can be customized according to the client's requirement. It is also corrosion resistance and looks beautiful with the chain link design.

A piece of chain link fence is PVC coated, the color is green.

The welded wire mesh
It is the most popular and traditional product to make poultry cages. Also the galvanized and PVC coated treatment that makes the cage better in aspects of anti-corrosion and rust, which is durable enough to hold your chickens and other poultry.

A piece of stainless steel welded wire mesh with smooth surface shown in the picture.

The plastic poultry mesh
One widely used product to make poultry netting today. The plastic poultry mesh can also be divided into knitted plastic mesh, extruded plastic mesh and oriented plastic mesh. All of those meshes are available in various colors and can be cut into any size without waste.

knitted plastic mesh, extruded plastic mesh and oriented plastic mesh

Our business philosophy.

  • Customer is the god, our company will spare no efforts to provide our clients the best service.
  • Credibility is the power, our company ensures that all our products are quality guaranteed.
  • Technology is the warranty, our company keeping enhancing production capacity helped with the advanced technology.
  • Service is the key point, both the pre-sale service and the after-sale service are well offered.

The effective cost of wide selection of cages and poultry netting.
All of our cages and poultry netting have reasonable price to meet your different requirements. We have extended our market to both domestic and abroad areas with the great reputation of high quality products and low cost.

Great service of timely delivery.
We promise to delivery the goods you ordered on time.

Beneficial to help you develop new market.
Buying our chicken cages and other poultry netting help you get extra benefit. Our products are competitive among the lots of the peer fields, they help you develop the local market.

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